Tax season is well under way. Have you filed (or extended) your individual federal tax return for 2019 yet? You may still have time to make some moves between now and the April 15 filing deadline to lower your 2019 tax bill. Here are some last-minute tax-saving options to consider. State and Local Income Taxes… Continue reading

We now have two years of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) changes under our belts: 2018 and 2019. Are your taxes lower than before the law went into effect? Not surprisingly, the answer depends on your specific situation. Perception vs. Reality After most people filed their 2018 tax returns, only 40% believed that they… Continue reading

In an era of uncertainty, you can count on one thing: Time marches on. While you can’t beat Father Time, you can prepare for these age-related tax and financial planning milestones as you and your loved ones grow older. Age 0—23: Beware of the Kiddie Tax The so-called “kiddie tax” rules can potentially apply to your… Continue reading