Employees are more likely to behave honestly on the job when they believe an employer is committed to their well-being and career advancement. That’s what a survey of supermarket employees found . It was conducted by the Workforce Development Group, the Food Marketing Institute and Purdue University. The study concluded that employees who have positive… Continue reading

As millions of people sign up for COVID-19 vaccines across the United States, dishonest people see yet another opportunity to defraud, cheat or steal from unsuspecting victims. Don’t let yourself be swept up in these types of scams. Too often, these con artists make promises that they can’t keep, including offers of faster access to… Continue reading

The earned income credit (EIC) has been around for years. But it’s never been worth as much as it will be for 2021 under the new American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Some favorable changes are only for the 2021 tax year; others are permanent. Here are the details.     Important: Many people report too much income to… Continue reading