SSB and You

Are there opportunities for advancement?

Opportunities for career growth and possible ownership status exist for those interested in promotion. For those team members not seeking an ownership role, SSB offers many challenges through exposure to a variety of service areas and consulting engagements.

What about the working environment at SSB?

First, we have fun! We want our team to enjoy coming to work. SSB promotes teamwork, courtesy toward fellow members, loyalty to the firm and respect for peers and clients. Teamwork leads to a more dynamic and productive work environment. At SSB, teams function in a variety of roles on a daily basis to help our clients meet specific goals.

How do I balance my personal life with my professional career?

Many SSB team members balance their responsibilities very successfully. We understand that they must juggle responsibilities between family, child care, work and community involvement. A culture exists at SSB that makes it acceptable for a team member to leave for a child’s school event without feeling that it is an unprofessional choice. In exchange, our team members take responsibility for their work assignments and coordinate to complete them in a timely fashion. Reasonable flextime is encouraged to help you successfully maintain a balance in your life.

Is there diversity in the work that SSB team members perform?

Very much so. Plenty of opportunities exist for team members to pursue their interests in specific practice areas and/or to expand their skills and experiences in a variety of services offered to our clients.

Will I receive continued training?

SSB has made a commitment to be a teaching firm. Not only do we promote continuing professional education as required by the CPA profession, but we also provide continued training in-house on a regular basis. We hold monthly team meetings in which we provide information on various areas of our practice. In addition, we stay on top of the latest technological advances and train our team extensively in this area. Our entire team also meets regularly to strengthen our team-building and personal communication skills—all a plus for self-improvement and developing good client relationships.

What type of technology and tools are offered to help me perform my job?

The most current technology is available to you to help you perform your job at maximum efficiency and capacity. Mobile technology—laptops, portable printers, etc.—is used in fieldwork. Efficient use of technology cuts time inputting data and allows more time to be spent on analytical work—the work our clients need and appreciate.

Would someone at SSB be available to give me advice on educational requirements specific to SSB and public accounting in general?

Of course! Feel free at any time to contact our office and talk to one of our accounting professionals. We can offer advice on the types of classes that would be beneficial for success at SSB and in the public accounting industry. Just call 330-533-1131 and ask for Tracie Stephens.

Ask us about orange!

  • Comfortable professional atmosphere
  • Nurturing work environment
  • Focus on quality
  • Community‐minded spirit
  • Dynamic team
  • Work‐life‐family balance
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Challenging opportunities
  • High ethical standards
  • Face‐to‐face client interaction
  • Personal development
  • Leading edge technology
  • Continuing professional education
  • Build professional relationships
  • Leadership training
  • Cultivate success
  • Exceptional client care
  • Volunteerism
  • Diverse practice areas
  • Rewards and recognition for success

Answer: Orange is fun, dynamic and warm—just like SSB!