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About Distribution and Wholesale Industry Accounting Services

Inventory is the focal point of any distribution and wholesale business. Too little inventory leaves your company unable to serve its customers—too much inventory can eat away your company’s profits.

In addition to pricing considerations, other factors, such as inventory management, methods of valuation and determination of the true carrying cost of an item, can have a dramatic impact on your company’s bottom line. Therefore, today’s distributors must recognize the hidden cost of carrying excess, slow-moving or obsolete inventories. Your company should strive to attain an optimal balance between minimizing inventory levels and maintaining a sufficient quantity of stock to satisfy customer needs. Freight costs and transportation logistics can also significantly impact your company’s profitability.



SSB understands the special problems faced by distribution and wholesale businesses. Our team of trained strategic advisors will work with you to help devise methods and procedures to analyze and control inventory flow as well as analyze the marketplace and existing sales demographics, in order to channel future growth and maximize your profit potential.

Specialized Distribution Services

  • Inventory pricing methods—LIFO, FIFO or average cost

  • Break-even analysis

  • Inventory controls and sales analysis

  • Determination of optimum reorder points and quantities

  • Freight costs and transportation logistics

  • Commission programs

  • Determination of “true costs” of carrying inventory

  • Analysis of inventory hidden costs

  • Expansion or contraction of business

  • Evaluation of product line profitability

Financial Services

  • Recommendations to improve working capital to help increase financing capacities

  • Evaluation, development and installation of accounting systems

  • Preparation of budgets and projections

  • Preparation of financial statements according to present industry standards


Wealth-building Services

  • Business continuation/succession planning

  • Analysis of potential acquisitions and mergers

  • Estate planning


Tax Services

  • Coordination of business and personal tax planning

  • Multistate issues—nexus, sales and use tax, franchise, income and other taxes

  • Equipment leasing company considerations

  • Structuring of business entities

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