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Most people aim at nothing and hit it with tremendous accuracy! Think about that! Planning—or the absence of planning—can mean the difference between success or failure in meeting your goals.

Proper estate planning accomplishes two major objectives—it ensures that your wealth is distributed according to your wishes, and it can reduce the payment of federal and state estate taxes.

You look to professionals every day to help you plan vacations, weddings, stock portfolios and more. So why leave the fate of your future and that of your family and business to chance? SSB can help you with your tax, estate and strategic business planning. Give yourself and your family the gift of a well-planned estate. Plan for your peace of mind today.

  • Transfer of accumulated wealth

  • Business succession

  • Trusts

  • College savings



When formally planning your estate, you should review many different areas, such as:

  • Is your will up to date and does it dispose of your assets in the most efficient manner?

  • Have you made proper provisions for minor children, including naming guardians and providing for their support?

  • Should you consider a living trust to prevent your assets from going through probate?

  • Are you distributing your assets in the most tax-efficient way possible? Should all of your assets be distributed to your spouse?

  • Are there other types of trusts that are appropriate for your situation?

  • Should you have a formal gift-giving program so that you take advantage of the ability to make annual gifts to any number of individuals without paying taxes?

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