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About Manufacturing Accounting Services

Today’s manufacturer faces many unique and difficult challenges: how to finance inventory and receivables, control inventory cost and quantities, schedule production, determine and control production costs, allocate overhead, develop pricing strategies and more.

The industry is extremely capital-intensive and requires the owners to have good working relationships with financing sources, to be innovative and receptive to new manufacturing techniques and to have a thorough grasp of cost accounting principles. Changes in tax laws have also had a significant impact on manufacturers.



Governmental and environmental regulations abound, which restrict the manufacturing process. In order to be successful, today’s owner of a manufacturing company must be capable of wearing many hats.

Specialized Manufacturing Services

  • Development of pricing structures

  • Evaluation of production methods

  • Evaluation of production costs—fixed vs. variable

  • Development of overhead absorption rates

  • Break-even analysis

  • Computerization

  • Inventory valuation and controls

  • Development of cost system to analyze variances

  • Evaluation of product-line profitability

  • Expansion

Wealth-building Services

  • Business continuation/succession planning

  • Analysis of potential acquisitions and mergers

Financial Services

  • Recommendations to improve working capital to help increase financing capacities

  • Evaluation, development and installation of accounting and job cost systems

  • Preparation of budgets and projections

  • Preparation of financial statements according to present industry standards

Tax Services

  • Coordination of business and personal tax planning

  • Income and cost recognition methods

  • Multistate issues—nexus, sales and use tax, franchise, income and other taxes

  • Equipment leasing company considerations

  • Structuring of business entities

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